4X4 X-Treme

Entry Forms

The Raid de Himalaya is India's toughest motorsport event. It runs through the most hostile part of the high altitude desert in Spiti, Lahaul, Zanskar and Ladakh. The route is difficult and the pressures upon the participants are extreme.

In 2004, the Raid was trapped for four days by snow in the Lahaul Valley!

In 2005, the Rally was hit by an earthquake at Srinagar. Aftershocks the entire night through jolted exhausted participants even though the stresses of racing were now behind them!

In 2007, the Raid was brought to a grinding halt once again by an overnight blizzard at Baralacha La that left between 4-6 feet of snow on the road! We chose to retreat rather than risk killing people. This was a good decision as reports of over 11 deaths in the next two days came in from stuck civilian vehicles that thought they could make the pass.

On the Raid, there is no respite...ever.

To this, add high speeds and driving on the Himalayan switchbacks for hours on end, throw in quick altitude changes every day and you have a laboratory for testing the toughest drivers and navigators in the world.

If you are tough, clearheaded and know your limitations and can work within them, and can take this gruelling journey in your stride, only then submit the online Entry Form (at the top of this page). There are no guarantees that you will finish, let alone win and certainly no sureties that you will return unharmed from your adventure. That will depend upon your survival skills and luck!

Think of yourself as a soldier for seven days, fighting the worst enemy in the world...the Indian Himalayas.

Then decide.

To be a valid entry, the entry forms must be accompanied by the signed Indemnity on a Rs. 100/- Stamp paper (one each per crew) the text of which can be downloaded from here

A draft for the relevant amount of Entry Fee must be made out to Himalayan Motorsport Association payable at Shimla and attached with your Entry Form. Post it to:

Himalayan Motorsport Association, Navbahar, Shimla 171 002 H.P.

Alternately you can deposit the money in any branch of the ICICI Bank or HDFC and fax us the receipt.


HDFC Account name : Himalayan Motorsport Association
Account Number : 03462020000086
Account Type : Current Account
Account Branch : Sanjauli Branch, Shimla
IFSC/RTGS Code : HDFC0000346
Swift Code : HDFCINBB


ICICI Account name : Himalayan Motorsport Association
Account Number : 635305000150
Account Type : Current Account
Account Branch : The Mall Branch, Shimla
IFSC/RTGS Code : ICIC0006353

The information regarding the amount payable as fee may be had from the Entry Fee link.

Competition Licenses

To compete in the X-Treme you have to possess a competition license for 4-wheelers, depending on your choice of competition category. You can submit your entry form online, by clicking the Online Submission button above, filling in the relevant information, submitting, and mailing us the draft.

For 4 wheelers you require:

  • An individual entrant license
  • A Rally license for driver and co-driver, separately.

Print both, fill, attach draft for FMSCI and send to them asap.

Print all the pages of both Entry and Indemnity Forms, fill in capital letters, sign where required and post to:

Himalayan Motorsport Association, Navbahar, Shimla 171 002 H.P.

For enquiries and clarifications, contact us at info@raid-de-himalaya.com